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#ReportageWorks – youth contest for a social project inspired by a reportage work

You’re eager to learn and discover the world? You want to help, and get new skills on the way? #ReportageWorks is a contest for you.

This contest gets you to broaden your horizons, gain knowledge & understanding, and acquire new competences that will let you face the challenges of the modern world effectively.

The contest is dedicated for the age group 13-19 years old.

You can realise the social project on your own or in a group, independently or under the supervision of an adult person.


How does it work?

  • Find inspiration in a reportage (literary, press, video, photo reportage etc.)
  • Design and realise a social project – see below for more details
  • Once it’s realised, present your project in a journalist material – an article, a podcast, a photomaterial, a video etc.

That’s how it works in practice:

1.       You file an application form where you present your ideas

2.       You realise your project

3.       You present your project, and sources of inspiration, in a journalistic piece of work. It can be a video, photo relation etc.


What is a social project?

Social project is any kind of work/initiative that is done for the general benefit of the community, be it by helping individuals, groups, animals or by spreading some idea.

You yourselves choose whom and how you want to help.

Organise a public event where you will touch upon an important issue, a chemistry show for young pupils, a charity concert for a family in need, mark a new educational bike path in the forest nearby, write a new programme or application that will help the community somehow.

Possibilities are endless and sky is the limit!

Get gripped by the idea and work for a good cause!



The winners will participate in a dedicated workshop on professional project management and gamification. You will learn how to handle project and people effectively, using the mechanics of games and the appeal of entertainment.

The workshop will be prepared by Mariusz Kapusta from Leadership Centre: an expert in project management with over 17 years experience in the field, an award-winning coach and entrepreneur, a lecturer on the Wrocław University of Economics and Warsaw University of Technology.

Apart from these, the winners will be awarded diplomas, books, and will participate in meetings with the best reportagists from Poland. All the winners will be invited to the 10th gala of the Ryszard Kapuściński Award for Literary Reportage and  associated events, including the Day of Reportage on the Warsaw Book Fair.

All the participants will also be granted diplomas. The works submitted to the contest will be published on the website and on the websites of Centre for Civic Education.



The 2nd edition of the contest starts on the 1st of September and will last until 28th of February: this is a deadline for submissions of final journalist piece of work presenting your project.

You have to send the application form at latest as soon as you start your project, no later than 1st of February.

Stay tuned for more information!

You don’t speak Polish fluently? Don’t worry!

You can realise your project in whatever language you choose – or using no language at all. It is enough if you ask someone from your entourage to translate your journalist work into Polish. You may also opt for the forms that do not require extensive writing, such as videos, photorelation etc.

Remember that your application form must be submitted in Polish, so find someone who can help you to fill it correctly.



If you have any questions or need more information, contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

You can reach us on Facebook and via mail:

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